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Giraffe+ 0.7 readme

This is the readme of Giraffe+ a scriptable keyword launcher for Windows. Refer to doc\manual_en.html to see how to use.


This runs on Windows XP/7, not on Windows 9x/2k.

Installation and Uninstallation

No installation work is required to use this software. This software doesn't use the Windows Registry, the Application Data folder or so. To update from an old version, overwrite all files.

Script Language

Continuing improvement without losing compatibility made this language complicated. In Script\samples, there are some scripts you can find informative. Scripts used practically by the default Giraffe+ have old parts and new parts mixedly. It isn't recommended to refer to them as language samples.

You can find the latest source code in the SourceForge CVS:


The minor version number is incremented when updating has a compatibility issue. The major version number isn't used to represent anything. Even 0 doesn't imply the beta.


Version History 2015-08-19 2015-02-11 2014-11-14 2014-07-05 2014-04-06 2014-02-24 2013-11-24 2013-07-21 2013-06-16 2013-04-29 2013-03-24 2012-12-06 2012-11-09 2012-11-06

Older version information is available in version0.6en.txt



Control Panel

Settings Dialog

Slash Find with File Path

Slash Find with Regexp with File Path

Slash Find with OR with File Path

Slash Find with OR and AND with File Path

Selecting Multiple Files and Shell Context Menu

Close All the Opend Multiple Windows with SwitchWindow


Tools for Giraffe+

Those apps run in Windows XP/7. If an app cannot run due to a DLL missing error, the DLLs are here. Refer to README to see an update history or other information.